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What we are looking for...a Fighters Story

  We would like to know more about you, how you got started Boxing and your life as a fighter. We would possibly like to feature you in Original Chicago Magazine or The Academy Magazine. The first issue will be Original Chicago Magazine, available April 1, 2018. We would like to highlight you as one of Chicago's own Golden Glove Fighters. 

Those registered for Golden Gloves use the Contact Us form and we will send you a media pack with a few questions and your media release.

Contact Us

Use our Contact Us page and reach out to us though e-mail or phone. We will send you a questionnaire about yourself. So you can tell us about you, your life as a boxer and how you came to compete in the Golden Gloves. We will feature a few boxers in our first edition, April 1st and it will be entirly free. We look forward to hearing from you.  

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about Golden Gloves interviews or the release and info sheet that would be sent you.

Master Boxers that are interested in free resting ecg's or treadmill stress tests ... We need the date of your current stress test or just tell us that this will be your first passbook.


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Contact Us

Contact Us

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Academy Boxing strive to create not only great boxers with skill and determination but socially conscious and aware youth and young adults who don’t only see boxing as a sport but a foundation to learn so much more about ourselves and how to serve our community.Supporting young amateur boxers and their future will be the goal of The Academy Media Group. 

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