We are now getting ready for 2016 with the growth of master boxers competing continueing to double. 2016 should be a special year so get ready. A couple of things to point out and some questions to answer especially when it comes to your passbook.


For those new to masters boxing and for those that need to renew their passbook, you can start the registration and renewal process in November for 2016. your passbook is valid for one calendar year and goes from January to December of that year. For example, if you get your passbook in July 2015 it will still expire in December 31st 2015.  If you are 45 and older, and you took your EKG, you do not have to take another EKG untill 5 years after your previous EKG. So if you took an EKG in 2015, the next time you need to take another EKG is in 2020.


I was trying to switch the website to a different hosting account and a new domain name www.mastersboxing.org but the majority of you kept coming to this wensite so we will stay with this website as the official and only masters website. The change was an attempt to lower cost for hosting but the last thing I want to do is confuse master boxers and lose interest. Look for major updates in the next few days.


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