Welcome to the Official Masters Boxing Division website. Masters Boxing is an Amateur division for those ages 35 and older and governed by USA Boxing. The purpose for the website is to help those interested or those competing as Master Boxers to have a central location for information such as Events, rules and rule changes, steps to compete (Getting your passbook), results of events and the ability to communicate with other masters.

We also feature masters through out the year with our Masters Boxing Magazine. You can view some of the articles by clicking the Magazine llink. We also added the Local Write Ups section that features Masters being featured in local news pappers, and media. Check out the local write up page by clicking on the link in the main menu.

The start of 2015 has been amazing and I look forward to best year in the Masters Division we've had so far. Get in the gym, get in the ring and we look forward to seeing you all in the near future. We hope you enjoy the new look of the site and continue to visit.

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